Saturday 2 July 2011

Reminder of Copyright

Sadly, it has come to my attention that someone out there in Blogland is, shall we say, ‘borrowing very heavily’ to the point of all but copying several of my cards.

I would like to remind this particular person that ALL cards/artwork  etc. created by me & posted on this blog are copyrighted.  Information to that end has been posted to my sidebar since I started this blog but I have felt compelled to bring it to the top of the list as a reminder.  It does not matter which digital image or rubber stamp has been used from whatever company to create my cards. Whether this image has been provided as part of a DT assignment or otherwise is immaterial. The fact remains the same.  The card, artwork and the photograph of the card and those of the cropped images etc., remain my property.

Whilst imitation might indeed be considered, “the most sincerest form of flattery”*, to replicate someone else’s work and then pass it off as yours says more about you than me.

It is with great regret that I feel compelled to type this particular post.  I hope that the person responsible with take this as a final warning.  Should I discover that my work has been plagiarised in the future you will have left me no other choice than to take further action – including naming and shaming.


*C. Colton (Lacon, Vol I)


  1. So sorry Tine! What a shame! It zaps the fun right out of crafting! Hope it resolves quickly!

  2. Hiya Tine,

    How are you hunny?

    So sorry this has happened to you and your cards,they are amazing - BUT THEY ARE YOURS
    and no one should take what is not theirs!

    I really do hope the person responsible does realise that it is unfair and indeed not the practise in blogland!

    Sending you big big hugs and hoping for a speedy resolve to the situation!

    Happy crafting hunny, you are an amazing crafter and a very fair person so I know this was hard for you to write this post!
    So it must be a very serious case of COPYING your work!

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  3. Shame you have felt compelled to post this and a shame that the person concerned feels that they have to bask in the glory due to another (YOU). I hope they will take this as a polite warning to cease and desist with the theft of your work.


  4. Hi Tine, Sorry things are so bad you've had to post this warning. I hope the person takes it seriously and you have no more problem with them... some people eh!! hugs lin

  5. Blimey Tine, sorry to hear this :(. Mind you, it can only be a pale imitation, I am always daunted by your talent.
    Don't let it get you down