Tuesday 16 November 2010

Thank you Ulina

I would like to thank Ulina (aka Apricot Bubbles), for giving me a Blog Award. It is very kind of you.  :)

There are rules attached to accepting this award apparently, namely that those chosen for the honour should tell you all three things about themselves before nominating 5 more recipients to receive the same award. As the award refers to 'Attitude' then the 3 things you share about yourself should reflect this, namely what is it that makes you the individual that you are, the three things that make you different from anyone else.

Here goes:

1. My hair - that has more than enough attitude for anyone, and always has have. In fact it is relatively 'tame' now to what it used to be. It is coarse, thick to the point of being wirey and regularly 'does its own thing'. It used to drive me nuts but now embrace it's 'robust' nature. LOL. Rapunzel must not have been blonde. Rapunzel must have had my hair!!!! (yes, it used to be long, very long - as a teenager it was right down my back, and plaited).

2. My favourite colour is light blue or any other water-like colourway really.

3. I L-O-V-E crime/detective programmes - and CSI is my absolute fave.

Right then, for fellow recipients - difficult to choose, I have to say:
http://anothermessycrafter.blogspot.com/  for her inspiration
http://kathleensmagnolia.blogspot.com/     new teamie, for her creativity
http://suzilous.blogspot.com/                     for her exuberance
http://stampingsuestyle.blogspot.com/       for her distressing perfection
http://cardscatscollections.blogspot.com/  last is certainly not least!....for always leaving comments each and every week, which we all know can be sooo time-consuming, but which mean so much to us all.

I do hope you all accept the award in the spirit that it is given. You deserve it! :)

Lastly, if you do choose to accept this award do visit http://digiswithattitudechallenges.blogspot.com/p/i-got-attitude-blog-award.html for the full set of rules/information.

Tine :)


  1. Well done on your award. My sister used to have hair as you described lol. Hugs lin

  2. How sweet of you, Tine! Thanks so much for nominating me. I love visiting others' blogs and seeing (and commenting on!) their work.

  3. Ah thanks Tine ! This is lovely, I'll put my thinking cap on and come up with some 'attitude' to share. Sue C x

  4. Awe thank you Tine, I'll get my thinking cap on too.

  5. Awwww chucks, Tine, thanks you SO much!!! Big hugs from me!!

  6. OMG I have never received an award, thank you so much Christine, not quiet sure what I have to do for this award, but oh WOW XX